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Celestial Humanity

CELESTIAL HUMANITY and GILLIER HUMANITY are charitable foundations dedicated to making a positive impact on the quality of life as well as on the economy of specific global geographic areas of developing countries as well as improving the quality of life to all people through medical research and job-creation. GILLIER / CELESTIAL HUMANITY utilize a two-tier approach with developing countries (H.E.L.P. – Health &Economic Leverage Project) by first taking care of basic health / nutrition / clothing needs, followed by infrastructure / job opportunities / housing / education / sports. This “hand-up not hand-out” philosophy will enable individuals and families in the selected areas to become self-sufficient and live productive and healthy lives while boosting productivity of the entire region.


Aid developing countries: Tahiti, Fiji Islands, Thailand, the Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brazil

Medical and wellness center and job creation: Celestial Humanity International Health and Medical Centre and Support Complex – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Establish new sovereign entity and create jobs: Monte Cristeau

Future Rescue Plan: various countries


“As the date of groundbreaking draws near…the Office of the Governor of Nevada is honored to welcome you to our city and to witness the creation of the Gillier/Celestial Humanity Health and Medical Center Support Complex. With its goal of advanced cancer research and comprehensive wellness programs that celebrate the entire human being, your complex will enrich Nevada’s own goals of sustainability and new, long-term job growth. On behalf of the citizens of this State and the Office of the Governor, I welcome Gillier/Celestial Humanity to Nevada. My office will always be open to you to discuss our mutual needs and to assist you in any way possible to bring a rapid completion of your new development.” Jim Gibbons – Governor of Nevada, USA

“From the Office of the Minister for Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communications, the Interim Government of the Fiji Islands is committed to ensuring that the environment for investment continues to remain attractive and we will continue to encourage and support good investments. In your case we are very supportive of your Pacific Palm Marina project and we will assist you with the various approvals and the incentives to facilitate this venture.” Tom R. Ricketts – Minister for Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communications – Fiji Islands